Disposable Medical Endoscope

Eliminate the risk of incomplete disinfection of traditional endoscope. Provide safe and economical diagnostic option.

Medical endoscope

Provide multiple options for latest imaging technology

Image processor

Multiple processors compatible with CMOS images of 40k – 2mega pixels.

Medical maintenance and consumables

Provide all series of Pentax, Olympus and Futwow parts

Module and system solution

Provide solutions for images and modules with lens.

KADEN Imaging

       Under Kaden International Group, Kaden Medical Imaging Co., Ltd focuses on medical equipment development & production, integrating research, manufacture, sales and maintenance together. Kaden has professional team from famous Chinese Universities on operation, management, sales and after-service with 25-year medical equipment industrial experience, also has technical management team and most authoritative engineers from Japan on endoscopy development for 4 years.

       Kaden Medical Imaging Co., Ltd has the best production control team with capability of greatly reducing production cost, independent R&D of 9 intellectual properties, unique design concept and comprehensive technical capabilities of structure, material and imaging. Disposable endoscope is Blue Ocean Market. Through 17-year experience as general agent in China of PENTAX endoscope, Kaden established sales network in 33 provinces and exclusive purchasing channel of core parts in Japan.



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