Zhuhai Kaden Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on medical endoscope development and production's national high-tech enterprises.

Founded in 2007, the main products are medical endoscopes, including disposable endoscope series (such as disposable bronchoscope, Gastroscope, Nasopharyngoscope etc.), video laryngoscopes, endoscope spare parts. Products exported to Australia, South Africa, the United States, South Korea, Russia and other countries.

KADEN has R & D center and GMP workshop (grade: 100,000-level and 10,000-level laboratory), equipped with advanced R & D equipment and testing equipment, with good scientific R & D environment.

KADEN attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, has been identified intellectual property management system certification, with 52 issued intellectual property rights (of which 25 foreign patents, 21 China patents, 6 softwares); ISO13485 quality system certification, CE and CFDA and other products certification.

KADEN is committed to the advanced medical technology to promote to every area of the medical industry, to high-quality, efficient service to provide customers with support, business coverage to all countries and China's provinces and cities.


In 1995, Kaden became the full agent of PENTAX endoscopy business in mainland China.

In 1997, the Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University and the Endoscopy Center of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, which were jointly established with the hospital, were established.

In 1999, the national sales and service network of endoscopy business was established.

In 2000, the annual sales of endoscopy business exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time.

In 2009, the sales volume exceeded RMB 200 million for the first time, the endoscopy business in Hong Kong and Macau was transferred, and the Zhuhai production base was completed. It is a medical device production qualification enterprise with CMC certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, CMD certification, TUV certification and 3c safety certification.

In 2010, the annual sales of endoscopy business exceeded RMB 300 million for the first time.

In 2011, Kaden changed from agency to independent research and development of a variety of core spare parts and multi-functional video laryngoscopes and colposcopes, and obtained SFDA registration from the Drug Administration and was allowed to enter the market.

From 2011 to 2015, Kaden was committed to the layout of the entire industrial chain of medical endoscopes, and realized the research and development of various spare parts and disposable endoscopes. There have been more than 20 patents issued and pending, including two invention patents.


Kaden Imaging is a professional company under the Kaden International Group, whose main business is R&D and manufacturing of medical equipment, integrating R&D, production, sales and maintenance. There are operation, management, sales and after-sales service teams from famous domestic universities who have been engaged in the medical device industry for more than 25 years, a technical management team from Japan who has been engaged in endoscopic research and development for nearly 4 years, and the most authoritative R&D personnel.

Kaden Imaging has the best production control and management team, and has the ability to greatly reduce production costs; the comprehensive technical capabilities of independent research and development of 9 intellectual property rights, unique design concepts, structures, materials, and imaging, and its disposable endoscopes are currently more No competing products; 15 years of PENTAX endoscope general agent in China marketing precipitation and accumulation, sales network and channels throughout 33 provinces and cities, and has procurement channels for core parts and materials in Japan.

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Zhuhai Kaden Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on medical endoscope development and production's national high-tech enterprises.Founded in 2007, the main products are medical endosco...

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