Single-use bronchoscope KSB-15

Overview:Composed of multi-angle touch screen (reusable) + operation part and insertion tube (disposable). No need for daily maintenance and high maintenance costs; No risk of iatrogenic infection.
  • Product introduction
  • Technical parameter
  • Product specification
  • The single-use bronchoscope developed by Kaden is a new product that transforms traditional flexible endoscopes into consumables and subverts the market structure of flexible endoscopes.

    This product is composed of multi-angle touch screen (reusable) + operation part and insertion tube (disposable).

    The products meet the needs of multiple hospital departments. The series of single-use endoscopes include bronchoscopes, nasopharyngoscopes, gastroscopes, colonoscopes, ureteroscopes, and choledochoscopes. The product is positioned for hospital departments such as Respiratory Department, ENT Department, Emergency Department, Emergency Center and Ambulance, etc.

    The single-use design of the product can avoid cross infection.

    For patient:

         Clean endoscopic examination that does not cause iatrogenic infection;

    For hospital:

    (1) There is no need for daily maintenance and high maintenance costs, which ultimately reduces costs and improves the efficiency of departments;

    (2) Endoscopes that are clean and have no risk of iatrogenic infection can avoid medical risks and doctor-patient disputes caused by iatrogenic infection, thereby reducing medical compensation arising therefrom.

  • Item



    5-inch multi-angle rotating color LCD screen


    Image freeze+shoot+video

    Image sensor


    Insertion tube (outer diameter)


    Instrument channel


    Bending angle

    Up180°  Down130°

    Working length




    Suction connection



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