Endoscope Leakage Protector LP-200 for all endoscopes

Flexible endoscope is an advanced consumable medical device that is subject to fatigue, aging and damage. Leak detection can reduce the cost of endoscope damage and maintenance, and at the same time reduce the risk of cross-infection of patients.

1. Reduce endoscope damage and maintenance costs

       If there is no leak test, the damaged part of the endoscope will not be found, and when it is used again, this part will wear out faster than other parts. Just like we usually use a thing, it has some small cracks, then when it is used again, the small cracks can easily become large cracks, and finally it is completely damaged. However, if the small damage on the endoscope is found in advance through leak detection and sent for repair in time, not only the cost is relatively low, but also it is easier to repair.

      Tests have shown that endoscopes can identify damage early through leak detection, repair them early, prevent further damage from use, and significantly reduce endoscope maintenance and repair costs.

2. Reduce the probability of cross-infection of patients

       The small damage on the endoscope can easily hide germs, not only is it difficult to clean and disinfect, but also the bacteria can spread to other patients through these small holes, posing a threat to the safety and health of patients. In order to determine whether the instrument pipeline has been damaged and to confirm the integrity of the endoscope, leak testing is an important and necessary link.

In terms of electronic or fiber endoscopes, the outside of the mirror body is covered with a synthetic resin protective layer, forming an airtight environment isolated from the outside. What kind of problems will be caused by leak detection of endoscope?

1. The lens accumulates fog and the image is blurred;

2. The optical fiber is moldy and loses light-guiding performance;

3. The internal parts of the mirror corrode and cause the angle knob to become tight, the chain to rust, and the spiral tube to fall off, which manifests as insufficient angle and broken steel wire;

4. In addition to causing damage to the parts themselves and the connected electronic products, it will also cause the danger of electric shock!

LP-200 can provide water leakage test, report of test results, and supply of compressed air after water leakage to prevent water ingress during the process of endoscope cleaning and disinfection.

According to the test result report, the customer will find that the leaking endoscope is sent for repair in time, and the repair cost and waiting time will be greatly reduced.

LP-200 adopts sophisticated pressure detection technology, and the display screen displays the dynamic internal pressure of the endoscope body at any time.

LP-200 is a leak test joint with a check valve function. For imported brands, we can provide different leak test joints from Olympus, Fuji and Pentax. If you have multiple brands of endoscopes, this machine provides a quick connector for medical use, which makes it very convenient to replace the leak detection pipeline and achieve multiple functions in one machine.


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